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A Green Star Landscape, LLC, Landscape Contractors, Tucson, AZ

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​A Green Star Landscape, LLC primary focus for Tucson- irrigation systems is utilizing products and technologies which promote water conservation. We were established in 2008 and are located in Tucson, AZ. We are licensed, bonded, and an insured state registered contractor.

We design, install and repair irrigation systems that promote the proper use of water in the landscape. We strive to ensure that water usage is maximized while at the same time providing a return on investment for the property owner for their water budget. We provide "best practices" for our unique desert environment.

Our mission is to serve our customers who want to improve their landscape irrigation systems and take pride in the ownership of their properties. If you prefer working with a registered contracting company that employs personnel who are capable of providing professional service, contact us today.   We have the expertise, continual education and years of experience that will save you the time, money and stress of doing the job yourself. We offer important services like consultation to discuss irrigation solutions, irrigation system design, installation of irrigation systems, irrigation maintenance agreements and irrigation repair in Tucson

We only install irrigation products that are of high commercial value and quality in order to provide our customers the best long term return on investment from their irrigation projects.  We have partnered with Tucson Water by retrofitting irrigation systems that provide "Smart Water" conservation solutions for our Commercial and Residential customers. We strive to provide the best in class service, technical knowledge and products for your irrigation project. Contact us today and allow us to demonstrate our commitment to being, An Irrigation Solutions Company.
ROC # 239548
Smart Water Solutions

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Weather Based Irrigation Controllers 

Drip Irrigation 
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Irrigation System Enhancements for Smart Water Rebates

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